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Robb Watters
Managing Partner

Robb Watters founded The Madison Group in 2004 and brings clients a deep background in using the legislative arena to create new business opportunities and solve issues of concern for corporations, governments, and industry trade associations. His clients have included not only well-known companies, like Intuit, CTIA - The Wireless Association, Daily News and Genworth Financial, but also small, innovative companies for which he has helped create procurement relationships with the Federal Government.

As a senior Congressional staff member, Robb spent several years as a top aide to former US Representative Marc Neumann (R-WI), managing the intricacies of appropriations and budget matters. He also served as the Senior Policy Advisor to former US Representative Frank Riggs (R-CA), who was then Chairman of the House Education and Workforce subcommittee on Early Childhood, Elementary, and Secondary Education. His years of working on appropriations and budget issues give him a unique insight into the inner workings of Capitol Hill. During his tenure in Congress, he assisted in drafting significant e-commerce legislation and he remains an influential contact and resource about issues affecting companies in Silicon Valley. Robb has also served as a consultant to the Department of Commerce and the United States Trade Representative. 

Robb’s practice has expanded to include the development of relationships between foreign governments and private foreign entities seeking new capital opportunities and assistance from partners in the U.S. His work helps these foreign entities expand their financing and reach beyond their own borders. For the last 15 years, Robb has helped guide and advise international companies from Europe and Asia. Through his work on international trade issues, Robb assisted in the establishment of the Forum for Trust in On-line Trade, a leading international B2B association.

Robb Watters currently serves on the board of MG Istanbul, The Advisory Board of ES Group, Istanbul, and the Advisory Board of VTM Corporation. Formerly, Robb was a Gubernatorial appointed member of The Virginia Milk Commission. He also previously served on the Board of Trustees of The George Washington University Medical Faculty Associates, the Audit and Compensation Committees of that Board, the Board of Governors of the Capitol Hill Club and the Membership Committee of the University Club of Washington, DC.