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Nizamettin Derbil 
Senior Advisor

Nizamettin started his career at an affiliate of Renault engaged in international trade and project finance, over the past 30 years he has held various managerial and senior management positions in multinational corporations - Renault and its affiliated companies, and at Sandoz, Novartis Pharma A.G and at Turkish conglomerates such as Zeytinoğlu and Gülsan Holdings Inc. For the past 5 years he was the General Manager of Güriş Investment Holding B.V and Mogan Europe B.V entities controlling renewable energy assets of Güriş Holding A.Ş - Turkey in The Balkans and Ukraine.

He has the capability in a wide range of geography United States, Central Asia, Northern Europe, The Balkans, West / Sub-Saharan Africa and the Middle East inclusive of Turkey in diverse industry segments with specific focus on trade, investment and infrastructure – energy projects, building partnerships and strategic alliances with a proven track record of success, areas of expertise are:

- International Affairs,

- International Trade and Development,

- Strategic Development,

- Government Relations,

- Project Development and Project Finance

As former Trade Commissioner for The Government of Norway, he had been leading strategic and political advisory functions for long term contracts and well-versed with conducting primary research as well as budgeting and financial planning for presenting recommendations to senior management and industry audiences. Specialized in top level commercial negotiations in oil & gas and in telecom, both with international partners and with  domestic policy makers, in alternating roles as consortium negotiator and sole company representative.


He served as The Chairman of Energy and Infrastructure Committee at a Washington D.C based organization – American Turkish Council for 6 years.


He has experience and flexibility in working with diverse teams and alternating between various leadership and support functions and this blend of management forms a strong basis with hands on experience and insight, preparing him to assume new challenges in a new role that entails designing and implementing customized initiatives.


Accustomed to work with lean operational models, as well as leveraging internal and external experts -legal and financial- to advise clients and to sustain a cost effective organization.


He holds a degree in Economics from George Mason University, Fairfax, VA. He speaks English and French and married to Gülden KANATLI DERBİL.

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