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Patricia Graff
Senior Advisor

Patricia Graff, known as “Patsy” to her friends, has carved a unique path through the power corridors of Washington, DC. Recognized as a policy expert by Democrats and Republicans alike, Patsy has been able to build unique coalitions to accomplish the goals of her clients during her almost 30 years as an active member of the DC advocacy community.

Beginning her career working for former US Congressman and House Majority Whip Tom Delay (R-TX), Patsy learned early on how to develop a broad coalition. After leaving Capitol Hill, Patsy continued her career at several companies, including the Richard D Sellars Company, a client advocate company and United Illuminating Company, a New Haven, Connecticut based electric utility, where she opened and ran their first Washington, DC office. Seven years later, Patsy was wooed by the Public Service Enterprise Group, also known as PSEG - New Jersey’s utility — to manage their federal affairs office for not just the PSEG holding company, but on behalf of all of their subsidiaries.


While at PSEG, Patsy developed a diverse corporate agenda that included some very unique positions for a power generation company, including creating and managing the legislative and regulatory agenda for the Clean Energy Group (CEG) — a coalition of power generators who sought policy changes in Washington to allow for more “clean” power generation policies. Patsy developed PSEG’s strategies for clean air through CEG, as well as their generation, market, finance, and tax agendas as well. Pasty was responsible for directing the PSEG corporate political agenda, an internal team, plus a large group of consultants and coalitions.

Patsy is also passionate about animal welfare efforts including fostering animals brought to her by the Fairfax County Animal Shelter as well as working with the Jane Goodall Institute. She is married to Brian, one of the country’s premier experts on retirement policy and the President of the American Retirement Association, and together they are raising four children and live in Virginia.

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