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Bicameral, Bipartisan, Bicoastal: The Madison Group is the premier government relations firm. Our experienced team works with a select group of clients across several industries.


For over 15 years, The Madison Group has delivered the gold standard of service to a select group of clients across several industries. Members of our team come from all levels of government – Capitol Hill, the White House, regulatory agencies – and have advised leaders of industry and heads of state. 


Our Services

Lobbying & Issue Advocacy

TMG develops and executes bold legislative strategies, drafts legislation, and interfaces with senior officials within the Administration and Congress. Our clients experience the benefit of the Madison Group’s extensive and broad range of relationships resulting in objectively measurable results.


Coalition Building

We understand the power of partnerships to ensure that your message reaches and resonates with key policymakers. Our team will create strong coalitions and networks which will contribute greatly to your advocacy efforts.


Strategic Communications

and Planning

Our team will work with you to develop a plan to enhance your reputation and elevate your brand. Our efforts can garner press coverage, sway public opinion, and ultimately help policymakers make informed decisions.

Our Team

Our Team

Expert Advisors.

With decades of lobbying and policy experience, our bipartisan, bicameral team are experts in all aspects of government relations strategy, policy analysis, lobbying, and advocacy. The Madison Group provides a full-range of public policy support to advance client goals with our valuable arsenal of political insight, mastery of the legislative and regulatory process, and our ability to lobby Congress and the executive branch as well as build and manage coalitions, grassroots support, and media engagement.



Clients Served.

The Madison Group represents Fortune 100 companies, industry trailblazers, and local, state, and federal government agencies.

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